Helping to make a difference
As we approach the end of 2012, let us not forget our friends at the Northeast Missouri Humane Society.  
Should you be looking to make that last-minute (possibly tax deductible) 2012 donation, please consider contributing to this exceedingly worthwhile, non-profit organization located right here in Hannibal.  No gift is too small or unappreciated. If, like me, you love animals and would rather show support in other ways their year-round needs range from blankets and pet food to cleaning or office supplies.  In addition, volunteers are always welcome at the Shelter or during one of the Humane Society’s activities to raise funds for special programs, such as Spay/Neuter Assistance.   
If you are interested in adopting a furry friend to enrich your life, stop by the Northeast Missouri Humane Society.  They are located at 2923 Warren Barrett Drive and open to the public Monday through Saturday from 12:00 to 5:00 p.m.  Also, in their recent newsletter it was reported volunteers working with the Shelter Administrator have posted pictures of available pets on Facebook; just friend the Shelter and read!  This is a great example of how individual talents can truly make a difference.  If you have a skill you would like to put to good use, simply give the Humane Society staff a call at 573-221-9222.  There is a good chance your talent is exactly the help they need, either now or in the future!  
Paula Morawitz