Appreciate local government
When I attended Tuesday’s City Council meeting in Hannibal, I came away with increased appreciation for the mayor and council members. They handled routine matters of business with dispatch, then spent generous and patient amounts of time with other issues. They listened to and discussed a detailed presentation by a former mayor advocating a change in procedure to maximize openness in government. They voted to modify the agenda to allow a gentleman to make a presentation even though he had not been previously placed on the agenda. They debated the legal nuances of street closings at great length. I felt I was observing the ultimate in grassroots democracy. Here was the interface between local citizens and their local government. Of course we citizens will not agree with every decision they make. That’s a part of democracy. But we can go to City Hall and be heard.
All three persons who offered to fill the vacant seat on the council were given consideration and respect. I congratulate Mr. James Locke on his selection to fill that vacancy. I wish him well as he joins a group of Hannibal citizens who give generously of their time to make our local government work.

David Klassen