Visionaries lead
town forward
Installment three: The most recent additions to Hannibal’s rich treasury of dedicated and talented visionaries are Lisa and Ken Marks, who have created the newest museum in Hannibal, the Hannibal History Museum, located at 217 N. Main in Hannibal’s historic district.
Ken and Lisa, with their own funding, hard work and incredible energy, have created a museum highlighting history in Hannibal. They are focusing on the early industries, boat building, lumber milling, railroad, shoe factories, cement factory, as well as small industries such as bottling plants.
Architectural styles and artifacts are displayed in the museum. Prominent attention is given to Americans who were born in Hannibal and went on to make important contributions to America, such as Margaret Tobin, William Lear, Jake Beckley, and the character Jiminy Cricket. Temporary space in the museum has been devoted to Hannibal’s African American history, as has been created by Faye Dant, another underfunded, talented visionary.

Candace Klemann

Installments one and two were published Dec. 4 and 5.