City installs temporary fixes on North Main Street.

Two of the complaints heard during a public information meeting about the North Main Street sidewalk project in Hannibal were being addressed on Wednesday morning, although the work fell under the heading of a “temporary fix.”
Part of the work was focused in front of both the Main Street Wine Stoppe, 303 N. Main St., and The Loft, 301 N. Main St.
“We’re just putting cold patch in the area where we didn’t finish up the sidewalk,” said Brian Chaplin, project manager for the city. “That’s to keep them from tracking in mud into their businesses. It also gives them a hard surface to walk on. It’s a temporary fix until we get this thing (sidewalk design) figured out.”
While Street Department workers were putting down the sidewalk material, a polymer-modified cold mix asphalt, working nearby were Bleigh Construction employees. They were installing a hand rail where the step down section of sidewalk has been installed.
“I don’t want anybody falling, I don’t want any liability on this so we thought we’d just go ahead and put the railing up. We’ll keep it up until we decide what we’re going to do in the future,” said Chaplin.
At least one store owner on Monday night expressed liability concerns regarding the step down sidewalk in front of his property.
According to Chaplin, the city wants merchants happy and satisfied with the project.
“I think Martin (Meyer) with Architechnics did a great job. We met everything we needed to meet with ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act), but the merchants weren’t that happy with it. I think we need to go back to the drawing board and that’s what we’re going to do,” he said.
While Wednesday’s work was temporary in its scope, the process of making revisions to the overall design has begun.
“We’re going to modify the sidewalk design, but I don’t have particulars to share yet,” said City Manager Jeff LaGrace in an e-mail on Wednesday. “I anticipate a modified design contract on the Dec. 18 City Council agenda, but we’re still working through those things.”