Visionaries lead town forward

Installment two: Hannibal has three institutions that make major contributions to America’s heritage. Each has a talented dynamic leader, and the contributions of each is helping to make Hannibal a town which is gaining attention all over the United States.
Hannibal is known all over the world as the home of Mark Twain because of his writings, but thanks to the fantastic leadership of Dr. Cindy Lovell, Hannibal continues to bring attention to the importance of Twain in our historic blueprint.
Cindy, in the short space of time she has directed the Mark Twain Museum and its properties, has continued to build on what was created by those who have gone before her with their dedication to the importance of Twain in our country’s ethos.
Cindy’s enthusiasm and expanded vision can barely be contained as she constantly creates new programs and new ideas. The Writer’s Workshops, the Music Under the Stars summer programs available to all the community, and her dedication to restoring the valuable old buildings directly connected to Twain are just a few examples of her achievements since she became director of the Mark Twain Museum.
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Candace Klemann