No one voted
for split level
I’m sad - and I’m mad. All because of the much-publicized beautification sidewalk project for North Main Street.
The sidewalk in front of Mrs.. Clemens’ Antiques was almost a new one, slanted nicely toward the street and without a single crack or flaw. This continued much the same to the corner of Paul’s Wine Stoppe. The day I walked by - just curious about the progress - construction workers were preparing to tear out this perfectly good walk and I commented to the fact.
Had I known then what I know now I’d have sat in the middle of that sidewalk until removed by the police.
Now, I continue to ask myself, why tear out a good sidewalk and replace it with a split-level sidewalk?
Parents with strollers, families walking along enjoying a day of shopping. Do they take “the high road” or “the low road?” They’ll either step to the second level, or fall to it.
I am just an average citizen but even passersby and others questioned what was going on as they shopped or visited. I ask “How come and why?” The buck stops on someone’s desk. It’s time responsibility is accepted - whether architect, city engineer, city manager or  ...?
Drive down to the block of Mrs. Clemens’ Antiques and Paul’s Wine Stopped and you’ll understand. This long-awaited beautification project is unfortunately off to a bad start as I view it. It’s sad. I wish I could be glad. No one voted for a split-level sidewalk. No one!

Phyllis Stevens