As much of a baseball fan as I am, the offseason leaves me with little to do, so I find myself looking for sporting events to attend. Baseball is number one for me, but it is followed by football and NASCAR. However, since the NASCAR season ended last week, that leaves me with just football going on right now.
Luckily the Kansas City Chiefs (1-8) had a home game this weekend that I was able to attend. Unfortunately, the Chiefs are horrible this year. I went to the game expecting Kansas City to lose. They did lose, falling 17-9 to Denver. They made it interesting for a while, but not because of their offense, but because they have a kicker who can provide some sort of offense.
I got the chance to watch the Chiefs’ offense produce zero touchdowns and three field goals against future Hall of Famer Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos.
The game opened up interestingly enough. Kansas City took the opening kick and drove the ball down field scoring on a 34 yard field goal. After holding Denver to a three-and-out, the Chiefs drove and kicked another field goal, this time a 22 yarder. Both Chiefs field goals came from inside the red zone.
The first field goal came after Kansas City made it to the Denver 16, but after failing on a third and three, Ryan Succop gave the Chiefs a lead with his leg. The second field goal came after the Chiefs got the ball all the way to the Denver 4 yard line. But, inside of attempting to go for it on a fourth down and two, Succop was again called in. Succop was good and the Chiefs led 6-0.
Denver kicker Matt Prater missed a 47 yard FG attempt near the end of the first quarter when his kick sailed wide right.
The first quarter closed with Kansas City leading 6-0.
Late in the second quarter Denver got on the board when Manning connected with Jacob Tamme on a 7 yard TD pass with 18 seconds left.
Denver went into halftime leading 7-6.
When the third quarter started, the Broncos had the ball and drove down field. Facing a fourth and four at the Kansas City 15, Prater was again called in for a field goal attempt. However, just like in the first quarter, Prater missed. This time the ball bounced off the goal post and if I had been sitting in the front row (I was in row three), I could have caught the ball as it came down off the posts.
Kansas City took the ball and took the lead back. The Chiefs drove 46 yards on eight plays, but still only netted another field goal. This time the kick from Succop was good for 49 yards.
That was it though for the Chiefs’ offense. Yes, Jamal Charles did rush for over 100 yards. He finished with 107 yards on 23 carries to be exact. But it was Peyton Manning who did what he has done to so many other teams. He led his team to victory.
On the Broncos ensuing drive, Denver took the lead for good. With 4:41 left in the third quarter, Manning completed a 30 yard pass to wide receiver Demaryius Thomas. That TD gave the Broncos a 14-9 lead.
Denver would add three more points in the fourth quarter when Prater finally converted on a 34 yard field goal attempt.
By the time the game was over, several fans had resorted to wearing paper bags over their heads to hide the shame they were feeling. Some fans were calling for new management in the front office. Myself, I just want the Chiefs to get a real quarterback. Not a retread and no one who played at USC.
Every recent USC quarterback has no signs of real success in the NFL. Carson Palmer, Matt Cassel, Matt Leinart, and Mark Sanchez have all had unflattering careers in the NFL.
The Chiefs are in line to finish with the worst record this season and earn the number one draft pick. Unfortunately, there are no franchise quarterbacks available in this year’s draft.
I must be a glutton for punishment because I am going back to Kansas City this Sunday to watch the Chiefs lose again. This time, Kansas City will lose to the Carolina Panthers (3-8).
But it’s like I told my friend Eric Poole, back in California who said come root for the 49ers, we are winning and you are from the Bay Area, a fan sticks with his team through the good, bad, and ugly. If a person jumps ships to a team that is winning, then they never were a fan to begin with.