Thanksgiving, thankful, friends, family, etc...

With Thanksgiving coming up I wanted to take a moment to think about what I am thankful for.

My family: they have had to deal with a lot in the last few years and continue to be there for me, support me and love me. I have the best husband, children and uncle imaginable. They are there to comfort me when the pain is at its worst; help me with opening, lifting, etc…when I am unable; patient with me when I get into the ‘I want something done NOW’ mode and am not able to do it myself. And they know just how to gently hold me when it all becomes just a bit too much.

My friends: there is so much to say about my friends…they not only support me with their friendship but also in their deeds. If I ever need anything, I know I can depend on these people for anything.

My Two Feet for a Cure Team: so many members fit into the friends category that separating them was hard to do, but these people deserve their own kudos for the work they do to raise awareness of RA and fundraising for the Arthritis Foundation’s Run/Walk.

Lions Club: Again, to separate this group by itself was difficult as each member is supportive. But this club has given me something other than myself to think about and help.

Coworkers: I am not sure how I could handle many days at work if not for the people I work with. They are all a wonderful group of people and help keep my spirits up and thoughts occupied.

My Editor: A very special thanks to Jeanie Akins for the help she gives me in writing my blogs. I would probably sound like a total hick without her assistance and she deserves a special shout out.