Trevor Hubbard's past may be catching up to him.
And now he's without an attorney.

Trevor Hubbard's past may be catching up to him.
And now he's without an attorney.
The 18-year-old rural Hannibal man is charged with sexual assault, sexual abuse, felonious restraint and child molestation in Ralls County, and previous charge withdrawn in Marion County could be coming back to light.
A preliminary hearing was scheduled for Wednesday afternoon in front of Judge David Mobley, but a motion filed by Hubbard's attorney, Rex Bradley, on behalf of his father, Terry Hubbard, requested Bradley be withdrawn as counselor.
"I've been instructed by his father to file a motion," Bradley told Mobley.
However the judge made it clear it was up to Trevor Hubbard to make the decisions.
"You're 18, you're an adult," Mobley said to the defendant dressed in an orange prison uniform, secured by shackles and supported with camouflage back brace.
After a meeting, Trevor Hubbard, Bradley and Ralls County Assistant Prosecutor Robert Rapp gathered at Mobley's bench.
Bradley simply explained Trevor Hubbard was originally charged with one Class C felony, felonious restraint, when he took the case, but now that two more Class C felonies and a misdemeanor (child molestation) have also been charged to his client, he didn't want the case.
"It's a whole different animal," Bradley said.
Instead, the route Trevor Hubbard wants to take is a public defender.
But Mobley was apprehensive. The judge said new rules mean there could be 30 to 60 days before Trevor Hubbard gets a response for eligibility from the 10th Judicial District Public Defender Office based in Hannibal. Speaking from experience, Mobley said it's not uncommon for the public defender's office to deny someone who has paid for a previous attorney or has post bond.
"We're playing with new rules with the public defender (office)," Mobley said.
In the midst of it all, Rapp said he was ready to proceed with the preliminary hearing telling the court A.M., the alleged victim, was in the courthouse with her mother.
The judge accepted the withdraw motion and continued the preliminary hearing on the grounds Trevor Hubbard had no representation.
According to court records, the new charges filed report Trevor Hubbard had sexual intercourse with A.M., 15, knowing he did so without her consent, subjected A.M. to sexual contact by force and had sexual contact with a child less than 17.
And that charge out of Marion County from December 2011, that may be re-filed by Marion County Prosecutor Tom Redington soon, Rapp said.
Rapp told the court Trevor Hubbard was arrested last year for allegedly having sex with a 12-year-old girl, but said Redington dropped the charges because Trevor Hubbard was planning on enlisting in the Navy. Rapp read off court documents saying the Navy would apply the appropriate terms of rehab.
Fast forward to Aug. 21. Trevor Hubbard crashed his 1998 Chevrolet pickup and injured his back disqualifying him to serve with the U.S. military.
Because of that, Rapp cited in court, a re-filing of charges in Marion County may occur.
"Does he represent a threat to the community," Rapp said to Mobley, "by all means."
Mobley reset Trevor Hubbard's bail to $100,000 cash-only bond.
And if it is paid, the judge said is not to have contact with any female under 17.
Hubbard's preliminary hearing has been rescheduled for 1:30 p.m. Wednesday, Nov. 28.