The on-again, off-again downtown sidewalk replacement project in Hannibal will apparently miss its second “deadline.”

The on-again, off-again downtown sidewalk replacement project in Hannibal will apparently miss its second “deadline.”
After wrapping up all the concrete pours in the 400 block of North Main Street before the Oct. 20 and 21 Folk Life Festival, it appears not all the work on the west side of North Main Street will be completed before the official start of the Christmas shopping season on Friday, Nov. 23, as had been hoped at city hall.
According to Brian Chaplin, project manager for the city, Bleigh Construction’s plans are to work Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday of next week. After taking Thanksgiving and next Friday off, the remaining work will be completed early the last week in November.
Chaplin is pleased with the project’s pace.
“They’re progressing fine,” he said, citing recent weather disruptions for preventing the latest deadline from being met. “They’re getting into more tedious work – handrails, ramps and things like that. That’s going to take a few extra days.”
Merchants where the work is wrapping up won’t see their customers inconvenienced, says Chaplin.
“We’ve got it to where all the store owners that have a sidewalk that’s torn up a little bit have plenty of walking room. It’s going to work out great,” he said.
Chaplin praised North Main shop owners where the work is currently centered.
“The merchants have been really nice and accommodating,” he said.
The initial schedule was for both sides of the street in the 300 block of North Main to be finished by Thanksgiving.
“But with the early weather coming in, we weren’t going to attempt it (getting both sides done). We figured we would just do the half block and see where we were at. We may move over and do a piece of something, we don’t know. I don’t want to speak for Bleigh. We’re just going to work with their schedule and what they’d like to do,” said Chaplin, who doesn’t foresee any additional work taking place immediately after Christmas.
As work on the project winds down in 2012, Chaplin says it is just under halfway complete and still on target for a July completion.
“We want to be done by July 4th,” he said. “We want that done completely with the lights in, the trees in… everything done.”