Nothing has changed
A friend asked me if I could write something uplifting.  This isn’t it.
Think about it.  The election actually changed nothing.  We still have a president who can’t or won’t lead and stand up for America.  The economy is still in shambles, Social Security and Medicare still has a target painted on it, we still have a nation with high unemployment, gas is still high, foreclosures are still happening,  taxes are going to increase Dec. 31, income is down, the institution of marriage is still being redefined, and babies are still being murdered by abortion.
We are a nation of “Give Me” citizens demanding everything for which they do not work or pay taxes.  The enemies of America are rejoicing because they have no reason to be afraid of this Administration.  The majority of Americans fear it more than the rest of the world and with good reason. We are now  hearing news stories the liberal media has withheld until after the election.  The Congressional Budget Office has warned the cuts written into Obamacare plus tax increases (allowing tax exemptions to end December 31) will drive unemployment up over 9 percent and put the country into a recession if not on the edge of a depression before the end of 2013.  America is teetering on the edge of a cliff and very likely will fall.

Myron Blaine