If there is one thing in baseball that is more annoying to me than anything, it is seeing people in the Oakland, San Francisco Bay Area wear split baseball hats.
What is a split hat? Well, half of the hat is green with a yellow bill and it has an Oakland A's logo on it. The other half is black with a black bill and a San Francisco Giants logo on it. Basically, it is two teams on the same hat.
How can a person wear a hat with two different teams on it?
There are currently 30 teams in Major League Baseball. Of those teams, 10 teams play in roughly the same market.
New York boroughs Queens and the Bronx are home to the Mets and the Yankees while Chicago's north side has the Cubs while the south side has the White Sox. Los Angeles has the Dodgers and just north in Anaheim, you can find the Angels. The Washington D.C./Baltimore area is home to the Nationals and the Orioles. Finally we have the Oakland/San Francisco Bay Area, home of the Oakland Athletics and the San Francisco Giants.
There is no way a Chicago fan would be caught wearing a hat that has both Cubs and White Sox on it. The same can be said for the Yankees and Mets. Even in areas like Baltimore/Washington, D.C. and Los Angeles/Anaheim, fans support one team and do not wear mixed gear.
So why is it people in the Oakland/San Francisco Bay Area think they can wear such a travesty?
I understand the pride of having two teams from the same area make it to baseball's Fall Classic like the A's and Giants did in 1989, but you can't root for both teams. When the Yankees and Mets met in the 1999 World Series, there were not Yankee/Mets hats being worn by fans. I highly doubt people even thought of such a travesty during the 1906 Chicago World Series featuring the White Sox and Cubs.
With the advent of interleague play in the 1997 season, these local rivals have been playing each other during the regular season. The A's and Giants have an annual battle just like the Yankees and Mets, White Sox and Cubs, Nationals and Orioles.
The Bay Bridge Series (or Battle of the Bay as it is also called) is the only annual interleague rivalry series that sells the split hats. The Subway Series (Yankees/Mets), Crosstown Classic (White Sox/Cubs), Freeway Series (Angels/Dodgers), and Beltway Series (Nationals/Orioles) have never sold a hat with both teams on it. Yes, they do sell shirts and pins touting the annual series, but they are specific for that event. They are not made to look like a hat you can wear every day.
I have nothing against supporting a team in each league. I do that myself as an Oakland A's fan and as a Cardinals fan. I grew up in the Bay Area, rooting for Oakland, but I now live in Missouri and my kids are growing up going to Cardinals games. But when it comes down to it, if the two teams play head to head, like they will in June of 2013, I will root for the A's to beat the Cardinals.
You can't be a fan of two teams playing each other at the same time. You have to want one team to win more than the other. So why would you wear a hat of both teams on it?