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  • The election is finally over.
    But it has me wondering.
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  • The election is finally over.
    But it has me wondering.
    If baseball’s highest authority was an elected position, what are some of the things people would campaign for? What would change? What would stay the same? What would baffle the fans across the country to cause a division of thought?
    Well, I’m a purist in many ways, but I’m open to change for the good. There are things that should change, things that shouldn’t and things that need to be reinstated.
    Here’s my plan if I was able to run for commissioner:
    • Interleague — Done. The thrill of the World Series would return under my reign. Baseball’s championship should be fought for over teams who didn’t meet during the regular season, that’s the whole purpose of the World Series and that’s what it would return to. I would establish a shorter spring training schedule so teams can return their home ballparks for the final two weeks of March to play exhibition interleague matchups.
    • Postseason coverage — Not everyone has paid TV, so there needs to be another network covering baseball other than Fox. NBC, CBS, ABC, someone’s got to be willing to pick up some postseason baseball so everyone can watch it. None of this exclusive stuff with TBS and MLB Network. Between the national networks and the paid TV networks, a rotation can be reached so everyone gets to watch at different times. But I got news for you, that rotation will get interrupted if a Game 5 or Game 7 came up. A win or go home matchup deserves a national broadcast for all to see. And commentators need pre-approval, if my office doesn’t approve, they’re not broadcasting.
    • Decade logo policy — How often do we turn around, see new uniforms and logos, and by the time we get used to them they’re all changed up again. I would enforce a decade logo rule that would require teams to keep the same scheme so that there are more identities with team eras. I’m not saying everything has to stay the same in that time period, certainly new caps and uniforms can be introduced, but it should go along with approved logos that would have to be used for at least 10 years. It creates identity, it defines an era, I think it would be fun and creative for baseball to have. I would not put a limit on the number of logos a team develops, however, midnight of Opening Day would be the last day to reveal a logo.
    • Drug abuse — I’ll keep it simple. Two strikes and you’re out. Violate the baseball drug policies and you’re done for the year. None of this 50-game suspension stuff, you shouldn’t get a second chance in the same season. And guess what, if you do it again, your time in Major League Baseball is over. Have a seat next to Pete Rose because you’re just going to be whining and complaining the rest of your life for something you shouldn’t have done.
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