The core component for a progressive community is the accessibility of quality and affordable education.
As shovels ceremoniously turned over soil near Hannibal’s corporate limits on Wednesday, our city came one step closer to reaching the progressive plateue.
It has been a long time coming.
When Moberly Area Community College first extended a hand out to Hannibal more than a decade ago, offering a few core classes basic for an associate degree, the citizens reacted favorably.
Housed first at Hannibal’s vocational technical school, and then in rented space at the vacated St. Elizabeth’s Hospital building, the school wasn’t certified to offer degree completion, but its credits were fully transferable.
Each subsequent semester, more individuals enrolled in classes: Art, English, science, algebra. Credits added up as school officials sought degree completion accreditation.
At that landmark, and at the closing of the old St. Elizabeth facility, classes moved into what is now used - the old AT&T building.
All the while, there was a quiet grass-roots effort going on in the background. A group of Hannibal professionals and business leaders were raising money to build a community campus in Hannibal.
Wednesday’s ground-breaking is one more step in the expansion of educational opportunities right here in Hannibal.
Lest today’s students take the availability of higher learning in Hannibal for granted, we remind them that an opportunity to earn core college credits at a pay-as-you-go rate can make a lifetime of difference in student loan paybacks.
To the leaders on this ongoing project, we offer a tip of the hat for starting and keeping the ball rolling toward community betterment, one educated student at a time.