Before voting
President Obama has accomplished much. Our economy was crashing, losing more jobs every month - 280,000 jobs in January 2009 alone. We now have 31 consecutive months of private sector job growth.
Today Americans are being helped in many ways by the Affordable Care Act: reduced drug costs, insurance for persons with prior conditions, coverage for annual checkups, and greatly expanded Medicaid coverage. Healthcare cost increases are slowing even more than expected.
I just test drove a new hybrid car that gets 47 miles per gallon. It wouldn’t exist if the president had not saved the auto industry. Today the U.S. has 30 factories that produce high-capacity batteries for such cars. In 2008 we had none.
Sen. Bernie Sanders has reported that we’ve gone from generating 1,500 megawatts of solar to 5,700. The cost is down from $7.50 per watt to $3.45. Solar jobs have doubled to 100,000. We now have 75,000 wind energy jobs. The cost per kilowatt hour is down from 8.4 cents to 5. (Report published at “reader supported news.” The link is:
A new government study shows where to site solar energy installations. Lots of sun, near the power grid, no environmental problems. A roadmap to produce more domestic energy.
Our economy is rebounding. Consumer confidence is at a five-year high. From August to September, 95 percent of cities report reduced unemployment. The foundation for recovery is well in place. We need a second Obama term to finish the job.

Dave Klassen