‘None of the above’ is not
on the ballot
This is for all the good church-going people who have decided they won’t vote because of things they don’t like in either candidate.
“Simply not voting is a cop-out, not an option. Christians who boycott voting,” says Russell D. Moore, dean of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, are “more akin to Pontius Pilate washing his hands rather than John the Baptist taking on the powers-that-be...”
One of the two major presidential candidates will be the next president. “None of the above” is not on the ballot.  I’ve heard ‘Christians’ say they won’t vote for a Mormon.   What you need to do is compare the Mormon religion to the Muslim religion of Islam.
This Mormon believes in the sanctity of Life.  This Mormon is not going to say kill everyone who is not a Mormon.  This Mormon has a moral compass and ethical standards that include decency, virtue, and the preservation of the the Constitution.  Yes, Romney is a Mormon who believes in freedom of speech, worship, the due process of law.  He believes in the checks and balances built into our government.   He believes in bringing America back to being the greatest nation on earth.  If you don’t vote for him because he doesn’t go to your church you have already given up your freedom.
Whatever issues you might have with him being a Mormon, you need to seriously reconsider what is at stake for America and Christians.  Christians are obligated to vote.  I’ll vote for a Mormon; will you?
 Myron Blaine