Vote for
Access to candidates and information is more abundant than ever before but truth seems hard to come by, but I encourage diligence ... listen to what’s said but see how they’ve voted. And pray.
The writers of our constitution planned for a small federal government but safeguards have been ignored for decades. The condition of our nation is reflected in Proverbs 14:23 “All hard work brings a profit, but mere talk leads only to poverty.” Too much talk to regulate has led us to job loss and more poverty.
Big Government brings “benefits” but also loss of freedom. Our independence is dependent on people being able to take personal responsibility for themselves. Every time you take a “hand out,” you lose a freedom. You have to take something you don’t want or want something you can’t have. There is no good substitute for the dignity of work.
Ed Martin (Missouri Attorney General Candidate) and Sam Graves (U.S. Representative Candidate) both desire to decrease regulations that have diminished our work force. Ralls and Marion counties have strong conservatives running for state representative through Jim Hansen and Lindell Shumake.
Forced “charity” is not charity (love) at all ... it is tyranny and has always led to excessive waste, loss of freedom and even more poverty.
I am concerned most about our freedoms. We will only be “free” as long as our constitution is honored. It is our first and last line of defense. Please vote for freedom while you can.

Darlene Lieurance