Give Shumake
your vote Aug. 6
With his background in small business, as a tax preparer, and with Kan-Man business, Lindell Shumake understands that to fix our economy we must have quality, good-paying jobs. He will fight government regulations that stifle small businesses and cripple Missouri farmers. Lindell will continue to help balance the state budget ensuring the most efficient use of every tax dollar and oppose any tax increase on struggling Missouri families keeping the government out of the way and out of your pocketbook.
Our State Representative Lindell Shumake has a 100 percent Pro-Life, Pro-Gun voting record. He is endorsed by Missouri Right to Life and is a member of the NRA. Lindell is a “Consistent Conservative” who understands that our traditional family values made this country great. He will continue to preserve those values as our state representative.
Our future success as a state depends on the education of our children today. Lindell has consistently put our children first. He undersands the challenges we face and will continue to ensure our children receive a world class education. Lindell deserves your vote on Nov. 6. You won’t regret it. Thanks you.

Mary Lou Callicott