Our future
is at stake
As election day is getting closer, I am feeling it is my duty to my country, to which I love dearly, to appeal to those who are undecided as to who will be the very best man to lead us on and bring us out of this downward spiral which we are now a part of. This man who is now and has been for almost four years our president, has created a situation in which we may never be able to correct. Our very lives and those coming after are a part of this which scares the heck out of me.
I have grandchildren and great grandchildren that I wonder what is to become of them.
As for Mitt Romney, I believe he is a good Christian man, who is very sincere about wanting to correct this situation and get us on the road of recovery. On the other hand, we have Barack Obama who would not know the truth if it hit him in the face. He doesn’t know when to stop and doesn’t seem to want to. He is Big Me and Little You!
Therefore I am pleading with you to be very careful when you are voting. We have a dangerous man in charge now, we cannot afford to let him continue in pulling us down to the level of a Third World Country. We are a proud nation who belongs on top - we have been there - we know! So consider very careful before your mark hits the ballot. This is your life!

Virginia Stolte
New London