Good reasons
to vote No
In election years there are so many misleading ads on issues and candidates it is hard to know what to really believe, case in point, Proposition B, the huge tax increase on tobacco products. Proponents are pushing a campaign based upon a preface; we won’t tax you, just your neighbor. Since when have we become so self-serving as Missourians that we day, don’t tax me, just tax the other guy for state services affecting us all? Proposition B is horrible public policy and makes about as much sense as asking voters to raise gasoline taxes to pay for the food stamp program!
The proponents are misleading the public in saying this money is guaranteed to be used for education. There is NO “lock box” or auditing power that mandates this money be used for education. Remember the broken promises with the lottery and casino money? The state budget is going to have a shortfall again next year and where do you think they will get the extra money to fill the budget gap? Prop B money, that’s where.
Also, most importantly, what you are not being told is that 20 percent of this new tax money, over $50 million a year, goes into a fund that will be controlled by a panel of 9 appointed individuals. They will have to answer to no one and can spend this money on whatever pet projects they want to with no public input or bidding process required.
Yes, we are a low tax state, but what is wrong with that? At some point you have to say enough is enough. Vote No on Proposition B.

Steven R. Carroll

Note: I want the readers to know I do have business interests with positions on both sides of this issue and thus my comments are of my own personal beliefs as a taxpayer, voter and citizen of Missouri.