Missouri needs
new leadership
We need a new leader in the office of Attorney General for Missouri.  That person is Ed Martin.  He is bright, having graduated from St. Louis University (SLU) School of Law.  During law school, Ed specialized in health law and later completed a master’s degree in health care ethics from SLU.  As an attorney,  Ed has fought to stop corruption and defend our religious freedom.
We need an Attorney General who will reflect the will of the people of MO regarding health care.   71 percent of  Missourian’s said they were opposed to Obamacare.  Obamacare is a threat to our health, economy and future. The current Attorney General Chris Koster, did not oppose Obamacare.  Instead he opposed Missouri farmers in favor of the EPA’s efforts to tighten the federal standards for “dust”.  The EPA backed down after an outcry from farmers and ranchers, but they received no support from the current Attorney General of Missouri.
Chris Koster, flipped from being a Republican to a Democrat, and from being pro-life to pro-abortion.  He does not want to debate Ed Martin, because he doesn’t want to try to defend his record.  Ed Martin says “America’s greatness is found in its unique founding values that respect private property, preserve our natural liberties, and put in place the rule of law that allows the greatest opportunity of a free market system.  Please support Ed Martin on Nov. 6.   

Geri Graves