West Coast
team prevailed
I am writing about Dominic Genetti’s “Diamond Dirt” article on Friday, Oct. 26, 2012. It sounds to me that Mr. Gennetti is a bit of a sore loser with the Giants beating the Cardinals for their entrance into the World Series. I wonder how he feels now with the Giants winning the World Series, and in four games. I heard a fact today that said no team who won four straight games to get into the series ever won the series. As to him referring to the West Coast teams, i am a bit offended having just moved to Hannibal from California.
I have subscribed to the Courier-Post since moving here in August of 2010, and although I love the fact it really covers local school and town sports, there is not a lot of national sports, even the St. Louis teams. The only mention of my Giants, 49ers or any other professional team is when they play a St. Louis team, even then it’s not always there or just minimal coverage. To say that some player will not be remembered because he plays for a West Coast team is just silly. Midwest or Eastern teams are no more or less professional. I would hope that all players professional or not would be judged on their own merit and not where they play. I am sorry your team lost, but just be happy for the one that won. The Cardinals did get into the playoffs. Enjoy that.

Barry Kerr