Lindsey O’Donnell Scholl, Ph.D., a 2001 graduate of Hannibal-LaGrange University, held her first book signing at the University’s Burt Administration Center during homecoming festivities. The Sons of Hull is volume one of The Advocate Trilogy, an adventure fantasy series for youth and adults. In this series a pair of brothers is forced to choose between two gods, entering into a fatal struggle that will decide the course of the young world in which they live.
Lindsey wanted to create a high-quality series reminiscent of the fantasy she enjoyed reading as a youth, with material exciting enough for teens but that does not glorify sex, violence, or dark themes.  She is currently working as an academic coordinator at Trinity Classical School in Houston. This is her first published volume although she regularly contributes articles to various publications and her own blog,    
She has donated a copy of The Sons of Hull to the University and as more books in the series are published, she will provide the school with those, as well.
The Sons of Hull is available on in both paperback and e-book.