Governor visits, recognizes Louisiana business.

Gov. Jay Nixon visited Louisiana Friday to recognize Stark Bro’s Nurseries and Orchards with the Governor’s Award for Agricultural Achievement, which honors outstanding farmers, growers and processors for their work with agricultural commodities and their communities.
Stark Bro’s, one of the oldest and largest nursery and greenhouse operations in the State, was founded nearly 200 years ago when James Hart Stark planted an orchard along the Mississippi River. Since its beginnings in 1816, Stark Bro’s has grown to include nearly 100 acres of orchards in Pike County, three acres of greenhouse space, and more than seven acres of warehouses to support the business’ hundreds of varieties of plants, from ornamental shrubs to fruit trees.
The orchards and greenhouses Stark Bro’s maintains in northeast Missouri are home to technology used throughout the U.S. and world-wide for providing consumers with hardy, tolerant plants, including peach, plum and almond trees. Stark Bro’s is known for providing outstanding genetics within their plants, both through mail order services and its retail operation alongside the orchards in Pike County.
During his visit, Nixon and Missouri’s Director of Agriculture, Dr. Jon Hagler, toured the Stark Bro’s operation. They presented Elmer Kidd, the Louisiana facility’s long-time chief production officer, with a certificate recognizing Stark Bro’s support of Missouri agriculture and efforts to connect consumers with fresh, wholesome and locally grown fruits and vegetables through horticulture.