Advance directional signs being installed at U.S. 24/61 interchange.

From Wednesday, Oct. 17, through Friday, Oct. 19, Missouri Department of Transportation crews will be installing advance directional signs at the entrance ramps approaching the U.S. 24 and 61 interchange near Taylor in Marion County.
Crews from MoDOT and Bross Construction have been working the past few weeks to install new signing and pavement to increase the safety of the interchange. The work will be near the entrance and exit ramps, so drivers need to take extra caution, slow down and pay attention while traveling in the area. Striping changes will also be coming to the interchange. Combined with the new signs, the new striping will alert drivers which lane they need to be in to continue on their route.
Traffic will be reduced to one lane from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. each day while crews are working.