When (will) red-light camera system on U.S. 61 at Pleasant Street/West Ely Road return.

When the recent improvements began at the intersection of U.S. 61 and Pleasant Street/West Ely Road in Hannibal, the red-light camera system located there was removed. Although the work is now done, it’s yet to be determined if the camera system can be re-installed at the busy intersection.
Because of the amount of land that was needed to create turn lanes on Pleasant and West Ely, there now may not be enough room for the camera system to be safely re-installed.
“They (MoDOT) don’t want them (camera poles) close to the roadway, so if somebody happens to jump the curb they won’t run into them and be a hazard,” said Marty Lincoln, resident engineer with the Missouri Department of Transportation’s Northeast District.
“We do like to have that 6-foot offset from the curb so it’s not right on the road,” said Brian Untiedt, traffic operations engineer with MoDOT. “The right of way is pretty narrow up through there with the expansion of the road.”
While the right of way in that area is significantly tighter than before, MoDOT has not formally said what will or won’t work.
“We’re not going to be the ones to determine where the cameras go,” said Untiedt. “Redflex (Traffic Systems) and the city are going to determine where the cameras need to be for the right adjustments, the right shots, and then look at where they can put them. They need to find out if they would fit on the existing right of way, or if they would possibly have to talk to some property owners about getting an easement.
“It really hasn’t been determined yet whether or not the cameras can fit on our existing right of way. We’ll work with the city and Redflex on whether or not they can install those back. Nothing will be totally determined until they look at the design plans a little bit closer and see what’s there.”
Police Chief Lyndell Davis says Redflex, which owns all the red-light camera systems in use along the U.S. 61 corridor in Hannibal, was contacted when it became apparent there might be a space issue at the new and improved intersection.
“They’ll do an on-site inspection as well as look over any plans and drawings that MoDOT has as far as where things are, easements and things of that nature,” he said. “There’s some options that Redflex will have to explore, everything ranging from getting some easements from property owners, to working something out with MoDOT, or using different types of technology.”
Davis is hopeful a way can be found to restore the camera system at Pleasant/West Ely.
“It was never anyone’s intent for it (camera system) not to come back. It was just taken down due to the changes in the physical makeup of that intersection,” he said. “It’s premature for me to say that it’s 100 percent going to go back in, but that’s everybody’s intentions. We’re leaning toward the side that it will be accomplished. It’s just a matter of what hoops we’ll have to jump through to do that.”