Dear Mr. Klassen:
When we go to vote in Palmyra we have to have picture ID to verify we are who we say we are in spite of the fact that most of the people working at the polls are our neighbors, friends, acquaintence, etc. They know us and our names are in the book but we have to have proof! And if we forget to bring the required voter ID proof - we can't vote! I know that is true because it happened to us. What did matter was that they were following the law and we had no recourse but to drive back home and get our IDs.
Mr. Klassen, if you ever fly by plane anywhere you will never be allowed to board that plane unless you have picture ID. Never!
When you write a check you are often asked to show your license or some proof that you are who you say you are.
Why? Because there are people who would use false IDs.
I am all for voter ID - not to stop all the wrongful ways people and politicians use in a deceitful/unlawful way. And everyone who is legal can get a picture ID, even if they don't drive. That is a lame excuse!
Sir, you would do well to listen to talk radio, Fox news, and other sources that will tell the truth and not cover up what is really happening in our world. We surely need to be informed so we can vote intelligently Nov. 6.

Jan Kreider