Repairs being made Thursday at Wednesday crash site.

WHAT IS IT? On Thursday afternoon workers from the Hannibal Board of Public Works could be found working near the intersection of Country Club Drive and Lincoln Street where a fire hydrant was damaged on Wednesday.

Repair work was still being made Thursday afternoon in the aftermath of a traffic accident that occurred on Wednesday at the intersection of Country Club Drive and Lincoln Street in Hannibal.
A fire hydrant that was knocked over by one of the vehicles involved in the crash was the focus of efforts by Board of Public Works personnel.
Chuck Murphy of the BPW explained that he was using a saw to cut the stem onto which the hydrant was connected. Once the cut was completed the damaged hydrant was loaded into the back of a BPW vehicle at the scene.
Murphy noted that soon a new stem and hydrant will be brought to the site and re-attached.
In addition to the hydrant, a nearby power pole was broken in the accident. A new pole was replaced by BPW personnel Wednesday afternoon in order that electric service could be restored to 122 Board customers.