A note to Republicans: I am more likely to take a clear in-focus picture of a unicorn running through my backyard, than you are to find a voter trying to vote fraudulently using fake ID, which is the only kind of fraudulent vote that a photo ID might prevent. The truth is, some clever folks in Republican think tanks ran the numbers on which Americans are less likely to have photo ID. They discovered that senior citizens, college students, low income residents of large cities (who use public transportation and don’t own cars), and ethnic minority groups all are somewhat less likely to possess photo ID. And guess what? These very same demographic groups are all more likely to vote for Democrats. For this reason, and this reason only, Republican legislators and governors have, in state after state, passed strict voter ID laws. These are blatant attempts to steal elections through voter suppression. I am happy to report that judges are not fools, and in most court challenges these disgusting laws are being struck down or delayed. Unfortunately, the Republican bag of election-stealing tricks contains more toys. Caging, using the mail’s “Do not Forward” feature to purge voter rolls. It is illegal when used selectively in neighborhoods or groups thought to vote a particular way. Collusion with pro-Republican voting machine manufacturers to flip reported votes. I am sorry to see the Grand Old Party, staunchly supported by my father throughout his life, devolve to this. Dave Klassen Hannibal