I am writing this letter in support of the re-election of Bob Heiser as Eastern District Commissioner of Marion County.
The three commissioners have been successful the past four years, in a difficult economy, in addressing key issues, such as making sure that roads and bridges are kept safe.   The commissioners have stayed within budget and have not had to lay off any employees.  The different personalities of the commissioners have invoked a mutual cooperation in seeing that an open-minded approach is used to address important issues and concerns.
Bob Heiser is well known and well respected.  As the owner of a successful downtown Hannibal business, which has been family-owned since 1862, Bob has been recognized, for over forty years, as a business and community leader.  His community spirit and leadership is illustrated in his work on the Board of Public Works, the Small Boat Harbor Commission, and the Lion Club.  As a charter member and founder of Mud Volleyball, a centerpiece of Hannibal’s annual Tom Sawyer Days, Bob’s ongoing efforts have helped ensure that Hannibal’s largest annual celebration is a continued success.
 Bob is in tune with the community and has worked hard to earn another term on the county commission.  I encourage the citizens of Marion County to vote and elect Bob Heiser to another term as Eastern District Marion County Commissioner.
Mark A. Oglesby,
Springfield, M