Vote out
the crowd
In four weeks we are to have a very important election which may decide the fate of this country.
President Obama did indeed inherit when he became president a country in shambles. The factors leading up to 2008 were mainly due to reckless spending over the last 20 to 30 years. No end of entitlements, subsidies and mostly spending more than the government took in.
So now we have a huge problem where we are going more in debt each year to the tune of $1 trillion. That is $3,500 each year for every citizen in the U.S.
Now our president’s solution to our impending disaster is to throw billions of dollars at any problem rather than tell the House and Senate to wise up.
Mush of our trouble is a U.S. populace that lives and breathes on entitlements. There are a large number of people in the U.S. who believe the government owes them for  most everything. Hannibal is no different as it jumps at every free grant that’s available.
The debt crisis we now have has grown over the last 12 years to which the U.S. as we have known it is a thing of the past. Without strong leadership and a reduction of reckless spending our days are numbered to correct this.
Without strong leaders in D.C., our debt crisis will take down the while country and the Great Depression will have looked like a picnic.
Vote out the crowd. Obama and McCaskill must go and maybe we still have a chance.

Darryl Kolarik