Joan Ryan letter: Time to wake
up, America
I have been hearing this phrase: President Obama inherted a mess. Not true. President Obama fought hard to get elected to that job.
The aforementioned mess consisted of a 9/11 terrorist attack and several natural disasters.
Obama’s mess consisted of $5 trillion borrowed and spent. $90 billion on failed green energy, man-made failure of the banks and auto companies.
A terrorist attack in Syria he lied about that caused four American deaths. The fast and furious gun running that has caused innocent deaths on both sides of the Mexican border.
I highly recommend two movies: 2016 and The Last Ounce of Courage.
Nothing is more clear to me now, than the quote by D’nouse Sousa, the author of Obama’s America. He said, “to Obama the 1 percent is America and the 99 percent is Kenya/Africa. The American electorate has been asleep at the wheel. Wake up, America, this isn’t a popularity contest.

Joan Ryan