Election Day, November 6, 2012, is fast approaching.  Before you vote I hope you will ask yourself this question:  Is President Obama the leader we need for the next 4 years?    
 Four years ago, President Obama said, if elected, he would promote more transparency, by having all congressional committee meetings aired on C-Span. It never happened.  Instead the President and his party chose to work behind closed doors to put through a government overhaul of health care, with not one Republican vote.  Now he said if re-elected, he will work with Republicans.    Based on the President’s past behavior, I doubt that will happen.    
 Leadership in the area of energy independence is not a priority for this President.  Instead of sitting down with Congress and experts in the energy field for solutions to our looming energy crisis, we see the closing of clean coal burning plants, (17,000 jobs lost), no new building of nuclear power plants, and his refusal to go forward with the Keystone Pipeline.  In addition we have this administration lending $2 billion to Brazil to finance offshore drilling, promotion of windmills and a $535 million loan to now defunct solar panel maker Solyndra.     
 The time for real change is now.  Vote for Romney and Ryan, if not for yourself, then for your children and grandchildren.
Geri Graves