The truth hurts and San Francisco Giants Manager Bruce Bochy delivered it as best as he could.

The truth hurts and San Francisco Giants Manager Bruce Bochy delivered it as best as he could.
Melkey Cabrera could have been an MVP candidate this season, but his suspension for a positive testosterone test changed all that. He was leading the NL in average and could have been the 20102 batting champion.
I give Cabrera credit from withdrawing his name from consideration of the batting title, not a lot of players would do that. In fact I'm sure there's some that would come up with some cock and bull story about how they served their suspension and still deserve the honor for their efforts.
But the true credit goes to Bochy for keeping Cabrera off of the postseason roster.
Cabrera would have been eligible for the postseason, but clearly his presence is not necessary. The Giants did fine without him in the last month of the season and they should have a very competitive first round of the playoffs.
Managers should take note at Bochy's decision. Just because a suspension is served doesn't mean you can and/or will come back in the same capacity.
It's really tough to say if any other manager would do what Bochy did. I'm positive there's a lot of managers who may allow Cabrera to play, because like they always say they could "use his bat."
Professional managers are going to play to win, not sit someone even after their suspension is served. But Bochy did something different, he's basically telling Cabrera the Giants' run for the World Series is a team effort and not one person is carrying the team. Furthermore it shows the Giants are loaded with talent and if someone once wants to go against the rules of baseball, they can get someone to take a rule breaker's place.
Hats off to you, Bruce Bochy way to set the standard and give players something to fear when they mess up. Take note managers and coaches of all levels, the Bochy Law is a good one.