Political party should act on its own platform
It seems that I owe a big apology to the readers of the opinion page; I have committed a grievous literal error, that no writer should be guilty of:  I made commentary on something I assumed to be true without checking its authenticity.  The Democratic Party did not remove God’s name from their platform.  I went on line and downloaded the official 2012 Party platform  (a 76 page document) and the coverage of the convention in North Carolina  (by the Washington Post).   Here is the full story:  God’s name was included in the 2008 platform but disappeared in the posted platform at the 2012 platform.  This was called to the attention of the assembly, and the absence of the name was dubbed “a technical omission”. A motion was made to re-insert the name as well as designate Jerusalem as the rightful capital of Israel (a separate  issue of its own).  It took three rounds of voice votes before the chair declared the motion passed, followed by cries of “No!” and much booing.  Though the re-insertion passed, in the document I read, all I could find was a generic reference to the importance of our faith heritage and the good work that faith-based organizations do,  Well, my apology stands but as I read the party’s platform, there were many items which dismayed me, some contradictory in nature.  My overall impression is that the present administration has not acted in a manner consistent with its own platform.

Rev. George F. Major