New playground equipment installed at South Side park

As South Side youngsters made their way home from school Thursday afternoon, most passing Spooner Creek Park couldn’t help but notice the workers who were wrapping up the installation of new playground equipment.
“I was bringing her home from school and she was excited. She kept saying, ‘They’re putting it in, they’re putting it in,’” said Thelma Wamsley, referring to her 5-year-old great-granddaughter, Clara Holiday.
Wamsley, who lives just up the hill from the park located at the intersection of Terrace Avenue and Vine Street, was also pleased to see the new equipment going in.
“It’s a great thing they’re doing for the kids. It’s really nice.”
Ethan Epperson, 11, and Haley Roff, 8, were anxious to use the new gear.
“I’ll use it,” said Haley.
“I’ll probably come with her,” said Ethan.
The youngsters agreed that the new playground items looked like an improvement over what had been there for years.
“It wasn’t that fun,” said Ethan of the previous equipment, which was removed approximately a month ago.
“I think this will be better,” added Haley. “It looks like more fun.”
John Rickey, 10, says the previous equipment was needing to be replaced.
“The other one was starting to break down,” he said. “The slide would come apart.”
For a time, John watched workers while he leaned on the handle bars of a bicycle.
“It’s awesome,” he said. “I thought I’d watch them put in the new one. Now I want to go get my sister and bring her down.”
Youngsters were not the only ones curious about the playground changes. As his sons Brent, 5, and Jaxyn, 2, played nearby, Stephen Paxton, said he wasn’t sure what was going on at the nearby playground.
“I’ve seen the signs, but I haven’t heard too much about it,” he said. “We’ll go over to this park (Spooner Creek) and the other two. We’re lucky to be between three parks.”