Still hoping
for change
President Obama made the promise that when his healthcare bill passed, a family’s insurance premiums would drop by approximately $2500 per year.  Our family has experienced  the opposite.  Shortly after the bill was signed in to law, our insurance provider left our state, and we had to find new insurance. (We are a small business owner and self-insured.)  A comparable policy with the same deductible, at the time would have INCREASED our premiums by $2400 per year.  We increased our deductible from $2000 to $10,000 per year, to keep our premiums affordable.  However, our new insurance  company keeps raising our rates to keep up with the new mandates dictated by Obamacare.  This year our $10,000 deductible policy will cost $3,240 more PER year, than before Obamacare was signed into law.    Congressman Joe Wilson had it right, when he declared during a “State of the Union”  address, regarding Obama, “He lies!”
We also looked into the cost of providing health care coverage for our 15 employees’.  The cost to our business, to provide full coverage, was approximately $100,000 per year.  During the past 3 years, our profit margins have dramatically shrunk.  We personally took a 40% pay cut,  to help keep our company going.  We quickly determined that now is not the time to add a benefit that would equal the pay of 2 new employee’s without actually adding to the work force.
We were promised “Hope & Change” 4 years ago…..we are praying for real change in November.

Anne (Kreider) Quinn
Arlington, VA