In response to Mr. Gordon’s letter on Wednesday, Aug. 29, thinking we live in a “second rate socialist nation” and have a president that disrespects our Constitution. I believe most people only have to look back to President Bush’s executive order records to find out why President Obama has his signature on some of his executive orders. Under Mr. Bush his signature on executive orders include: criminalize constitutionally protected dissent, allowing torture of innocents, allowing water boarding, allowing secret prisons, denying Congress access to policy documents, denying scrutiny of fired attorneys general, and expansion of war powers. Under Bush, he signed 284 executive orders, averaging 142 per term, Obama to date has signed 134, some of which have overturned the previously mentioned executive orders. I really don’t think this is an abuse of power, I am sure that not everyone agrees with some executive orders, but they are the facts.
Jereme Mastin