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  • Interviews for ‘America For President’ to begin in Hannibal

  • “Tom Sawyer Days is perfect” to begin the interviews for “America For President,” a documentary two New York filmmakers are beginning.

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  • “Tom Sawyer Days is perfect” to begin the interviews for “America For President,” a documentary two New York filmmakers are beginning.
    Mike Bade and his partner, Lori Korchek, plan to arrive in Hannibal on July 3 to prepare their float for the Fourth of July parade. After the parade they will begin doing interviews with people at National Tom Sawyer Days.
    “There is a huge richness of things to see and feel at Tom Sawyer Days,” Bade said. “It will be great footage. ... It’s hard to conjure up something that is more American than that.” He will have two film crews, one taping events and one doing his interviews.
    Bade explained he and Korchek have worked together in advertising for more than 20 years and decided to make this movie, because they are “disgusted with the negative way politics is being discussed.”
    The film will be an unpolitical campaign, Bade added. “We are trying to get the message out, getting to the essence of democracy, that each of us really is president.
    “It’s our government, and we should be talking about our dreams and our plans for the next four years,” Bade said. “We really wanted to do an unpartisan campaign and see what we have in common rather than what we have that divides.”
    Historic desk is
    centerpiece of film
    Bade and Korchek will bring a replica of a famous presidential desk to Hannibal, and people they interview will be seated behind the desk. The desk is named the Resolute, and it is currently used by President Obama in the Oval Office.
    “It has been there under several presidential administrations, although it was too small for some presidents (including L.B. Johnson) to comfortably use,” Bade said.
    Bade provided its history. “There was a British ship looking for the northwest passage in about 1850. It got stuck in ice, and they abandoned ship. It was a new ship, and a couple years later an American vessel found it floating in the Atlantic. Later Congress decided to give it back to England, and it went back in service for 20 years.
    “Later Queen Victoria said, ‘Let’s build a desk for America and give it to the president.’” The desk has been in the White House since then, and was used by some presidents, then used in the pressroom before Jackie Kennedy brought it to the Oval Office, Bade explained. The desk is in a famous photo of President Kennedy with his son, John, on the floor peaking out under the door on the desk.
    “FDR built the door, so people could not see his crippled legs,” Bade continued. “Reagan used it, and Clinton used it.”
    Bade’s website, americaforpresident.com, will be launched on July 4, he said. “While we are filming we probably will be doing webisodes for our website, and the film will be used as mini-movies of what we did in Hannibal.
    Page 2 of 2 - “Hannibal is the first stop on a whistle-stop places like Detroit and Pittsburgh.” They also will film in Ohio and southern Indiana. They plan to be in Tampa, Fla., during the Republican Convention the last week in August, Bade said, “then go to Charlotte for the Democratic Convention, which starts the day after Labor Day.”
    They hope to complete the documentary by November. “The launch we are hoping to be Nov. 1,” Bade said. “Ideally it would premier the Friday before the Tuesday election.” He expects it to be aired publicly in the future.
    “We planned the final part of it to be either the end of the second convention or somewhere when the candidates have a debate.”

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