OKC, this is a market that deserves a shot. This is a market that’s proven itself.

When my good friend Brett reads this he may or may not agree with me.
Although he usually does on some level.
I very seldom keep a close eye or an open ear to other sports, but given the past Oklahoma City Thunder season in the NBA, I just couldn’t help but keep up to date.
When the Seattle Supersonics first moved to OKC, I, like many, didn’t think it wasn’t a good move. The city has no other major professional sport and with the popularity of OU just a short 30 minutes, if that, from there, how could a professional team compete.
Well despite their loss to Miami, Oklahoma City proved me and the skeptics wrong. That city can sure get behind a team, and just like any other city from that region of the country, win or lose the fans were there.
Which is why I think it should be a spot for the Athletics to consider when it comes to baseball.
Who knows if they’ll stay out west considering all of the trouble they’re having trying to get a ballpark in San Jose and further more Oklahoma City Athletics has a better ring to it than the San Jose Athletics.
OKC has Triple-A baseball right now, the Houston Astros have their prospects there, but with a minor league team in a city that’s now consumed by the professional limelight in the NBA and the tough competition of a Divison I NCAA powerhouse — whose baseball team could pound the Triple-A ball club — a minor league team isn’t enough. This city deserves a chance at two major sports and baseball is the only one to do it.
Hockey is hit or miss in that area of the country and football isn’t going to migrate there with OU’s fanbase being one of the best in the nation.
One team in the Bay Area in California is enough. And I know I’ve said in the past that Indianapolis and Nashville would be good places to move the Athletics to, but honestly those two cities do very well with the teams they have now, and it wouldn’t surprise me if an MLB team was exciting for a while but then phased out of the interest in those markets.
But OKC, this is a market that deserves a shot. This is a market that’s proven itself.
With a guy like Billy Beane running the A’s and the atmosphere of the Southern/Midwest culture Oklahoma City offers, it’s the perfect place for baseball to move to and have sell out crowds.