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  • Riverside cemetery searching for mower, money

  • This spring might be monumental for Riverside Cemetery.

    That is if everything goes according to the plans the board has in place.

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  • This spring might be monumental for Riverside Cemetery.
    That is if everything goes according to the plans the board has in place.
    Currently they’re looking for a lawn mower to maintain the cemetery throughout the spring and summer. Glen Miller, the previous mower, resigned last year.
    “We’re going to be taking bids, that we’re going to open by our March meeting,” Rose Stark, a member of the Riverside Cemetery board’s mowing committee, said. “They’re sealed bids, they won’t be open until that meeting. Any of those people that claim bids can attend the meeting.”
    Bids are being accepted until Feb. 27. They’ll be opened at the meeting which is slated for March 1.
    “It’s just a really loose-net agreement,” Stark said. “I recommend a contract, I think there should be and they probably will be able to hold them to standards and everything.”
    Something that’s not set in stone, but has the high possibility of becoming a reality is an agreement with the future mower on how often the cemetery is mowed. In the past, there was only enough money to mow the grounds a certain number of times each summer, but now an “as needed” mowing agreement may be enacted in an effort to save the cemetery money and keep the lawn care consistent.
    The only issue with that is the weather and how much the grass will grow between services.
    “There will be several people that will be up there to make sure that it’s mowed,” Stark said. “We’re going to be keeping a close eye on it. I’m going to be down there, even though I live in Quincy. I feel that we owe the association members, everyone that has family, friends buried there — everyone deserves that. We’ll be watching it to make sure it’s not going to be a repeat of last year.”
    Number of optional incomes
    Riverside Cemetery could be coming into some money later this year too.
    Board Vice President Max Capp is trying to get a grant from the Riedel Foundation.
    “There’s certain sections you can apply for in certain months,” Capp said. “The next one was February, but with time limitations we chose May to get things done and clear (our proposal) up.”
    The grant would give the cemetery $10,000, but it would have to be matched. A way the board could do that is through fundraising and sales.
    Capp said a benefit concert could be held sometime in April with money raised going toward the cemetery.
    “I’m going to leave that blank until I get further details,” Capp said. “So far it’s a go, it’s going to be a piano concert-type deal.”
    Page 2 of 2 - Funds could also come in from three walnut trees located behind the abandoned house at the cemetery’s entrance.
    Board member Rodney Brumbaugh told fellow members at the monthly meeting last week selling the wood from the trees could bring in additional money.
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