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  • Update: Jury picks in final process

  • Follow this story all day for continuous updates as the jury is selected in the Manuel Cazares murder trial.

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  • Follow this story throughout the day as information becomes available.
    1:40 p.m. : The jury has returned to the courtroom after their lunch break. Attorneys are finalizing the 12 jurors and alternates. When the courtroom is clear of the remaining citizens, there will be room for reporters and family members to observe the rest of the days procedures.
    12:00 p.m. : The jurors and attorneys break for lunch. Will reconviene at 1:30 p.m.
    11:15 a.m. : Everyone has returned to the courtroom. The defense is now questioning the 30-plus citizens that could serve on the jury.
    10:50 a.m. : A break has been called and the jurors have filed out of the courtroom for the time being. Attorneys are still in the voir dire process of picking the jury.
    9:50 a.m. : Potential jurors have lined up outside Courtroom 4 of the St. Charles County Courthouse and are now entering the courtroom. Both attorneys are present as well as judge Nancy Schneider who is presiding over the case. The jury could be picked as early as this afternoon giving way for the trial to begin tomorrow morning
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