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  • One dead after high-speed chase and multiple gunshots

  •    Investigators continue their probe of a high-speed chase Saturday night in Louisiana that included multiple gunshots by law enforcement and ended in a fatality.


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  •    Investigators continue their probe of a high-speed chase Saturday night in Louisiana that included multiple gunshots by law enforcement and ended in a fatality.
       Authorities did not release the victim’s name early Sunday morning, but Pike County Coroner Jim Turner met shortly before 2 a.m. with the family of 39-year-old Timothy S. Chrisman of Vandalia.
       The Missouri Highway Patrol is in charge of the inquiry. Lt. Robert Wolf offered the following breakdown of what happened.
       Louisiana policed got a call about 7:50 p.m. of a careless driver who possibly was intoxicated. Wolf did not give a location for the pickup truck, but said that a Louisiana officer spotted it and tried to stop it.
       A pursuit ensued with two Louisiana officers and one Pike County Sheriff’s Department deputy giving chase.
       Wolf said the pickup rounded the corner at 14the and North Carolina and struck a fence on the north side of the street.
       Officers and the deputy got out of their cars and tried to arrest the suspect, but the pickup driver put it in reverse and struck two squad cars and then struck one of the officers and the deputy.
       Wolf said authorities fired upon the vehicle, but the driver put the truck in forward, spun around and drove south across the foundation of the old Louisiana Foundry.
       The truck came to rest in a woods at the south end of the foundry property near the Kansas City Southern railroad tracks.
       Wolf did not say if any of the shots struck the suspect or how he died. An autopsy was planned for Monday.
       Wolf said he was not told of any comment the suspect may have made to authorities. The officer and the deputy, neither of whom were named, were treated at Pike County Memorial Hospital and released. The second officer also went to the hospital.
       Wolf said authorities’ response to the incident was proper. The pickup has been impounded and more investigative work must be done.
       “There are witnesses still to interview to get all the facts,” Wolf said.
       Louisiana police called upon the Highway Patrol to do the inquiry. Investigators came from the Macon and Weldon Spring divisions.
       Chrisman family members and friends congregated at the corner of 14th and North Carolina awaiting word of what happened.
       Based upon evidence cones placed on North Carolina, it appeared as if at least 14 shots were fired.
       “I don’t understand why they had to shoot so much,” said Chrisman’s mother, Becky.
       Neighbors saw and heard the chase and its aftermath. One woman, who declined to be identified, said she saw the suspect being chased from a fast food restaurant parking lot on the west side of Louisiana.
    Page 2 of 2 -    The neighborhood around 14th and North Carolina is a quiet, peaceful place. That’s why neighbors were so startled by the chase.
       “This pickup truck came zooming by here,” said William Malcome, who was sitting beside a fire outside his house with Sandy Piper. “This cop came up behind him flying. I heard a crash.”
       “Then we heard pow,pow, pow pow,” Piper said, noting the gunshots.
       “I come out about the time I heard gunfire,” said Tom Pinter, another neighbor. “There were six to eight shots, probably more.”
       Malcome said one officer pursued on foot and another in a squad car when the pickup drove south across the foundry site.
       “It happened within seconds,” Malcome said.
       A search of court documents showed Chrisman had a long record dating to 1994 of civil cases and guilty pleas to criminal charges of property damage, peace disturbance, theft and domestic assault.