Teens take steps toward success through team building

Jordan Allen, a junior and third-year Teens in Motion member, mimics a bear in the woods during a game of “React and Act” on Thursday at Hannibal High School. Members of the group talked with Douglass Community Services Youth Director Jared Moore about the steps to future success and how each person has different strengths to help them along their path.
By Hannibal Courier-Post
Posted: Nov. 11, 2019 1:37 pm Updated: Nov. 11, 2019 4:53 pm

HANNIBAL — The members of Teens in Motion each displayed some of the things that make them unique and did an activity called “react and act” during their Thursday meeting at Hannibal High School.

Teens in Motion — under the umbrella of Douglass Community Services and a United Way recipient — teaches teens about aspects of career seeking with team-building activities, mock interviews, guest speakers, field trips and projects to give back to the community. Each of the teens laughed as they worked together to figure out the action resulting in the reaction silently acted out by one of the peers. And Douglass Community Services Youth Director Jared Moore discussed a series of questions that helped each person reflect on their personal strengths and goals.

Moore asked questions like what skills came to them naturally and easily, what their friends felt brings them happiness, what they liked to do when they were “in the zone” and lost track of time and what topics they were passionate about discussing. As each teen shared their answers, Moore brought up possible paths for success based on their strengths. And he stressed that portrayals of success appearing on social media are not representative or realistic.

“It doesn't matter what we choose to do, it matters what we think about it when we go to do it,” Moore said.

The Teens in Motion members were preparing for a field trip next week to Beth Haven Retirement Center to meet with CEO Paul Ewert and learn about career opportunities. The teens also formed plans for a themed Christmas tree to display in Beth Haven's annual Festival of Trees fundraising event. The teens were also encouraged to lend a hand at the upcoming Court Appointed Special Advocate Bazaar on Saturday, Nov. 16 at the Admiral Coontz Recreation Center.

Junior Jordan Allen and her brother, sophomore Brent Allen, enjoyed the opportunities Teens in Motion provided. Jordan is a third-year member and Brent is a second-year member.

“When we were doing the self-reflection and discussion on success, I realized that everything that came to mind for me was more work-related rather than anything outside of work or anything outside of gaining my knowledge,” Brent Allen said. “So, I feel like that would be worth some self-reflection for me.” He said that Teens in Motion has helped him gain social skills and hone his ability to work with his peers. His sister felt the same way.

“What I really like about the program is I get to be me,” Jordan Allen said. “It doesn't matter who's there, I'm just out of my shell, myself, everyone's here supporting me — that's how it has been this year so far and in the past. So I'm just really excited to have another great year so that other people can experience Teens in Motion the way I do.”

Moore said that enrollment is still open for the program, and more information is available by calling Douglass Community Services at 573-221-3892.

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