“The most fun thing is getting to paint,” said 8-year-old Logan Gosney, as he displayed his “common yellowthroat” a Missouri bird.

"The most fun thing is getting to paint," said 8-year-old Logan Gosney, as he displayed his "common yellowthroat," a Missouri bird.
Logan was among a large crowd of children at the Hannibal Arts Council's First Friday Art Adventure on Sept. 6, where each made a torn paper bird collage.
Logan, 10-year-old Abby Thomeczek, and 11-year-old Abby Baumann all agreed that painting was the best part of the day's events.
But painting was only part of the several steps involved in making a collage. First they chose a bird from many pictures on the wall, and drew the birds.
Then the children gathered around a large table to paint a background for their bird collages.
Next they tore the paper, then glued on scraps of paper, covering the picture before painting their colorful birds.
Finally, some chose to add music notes across the top to make their birds "singing."
They also added a variety of stamps to make their collages more colorful, said Brenda Beck Fisher, HAC program coordinator, who was leading this art adventure.
Skylar Gosney, 9, explained her collage included a red and green bird, birdhouse, a blue sky and green grass.
Among the youngest artists was Wyeth Dorsey, 4, who was very happy with his picture.
Many of the children were accompanied by parents or grandparents.
Two 12-year-old cousins, Elise Baumann and Claire Thomas, were undecided what to do with their collages - whether to hang them on the wall or give them to their parents. Both decided they be for their parents.
Claire's younger sister, Jade, 9, was busy painting her bright blue Indigo bunting.
Beck Fisher explained she had tried to find enough Missouri birds.
After the young artists drew their chosen birds, she said, "they did the underpainting to add color to the background."
Then, after covering the bird and background with torn scraps of paper, they painted them and "had the options of adding musical notes, as if the birds were singing.
"Then they added some stamps to give it a collage look."
She had planned for 20 kids, she said, but 26 came. However, "We always plan for extra."
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